The Katie Lentakis Memorial Fund Award 2022

The annual Katie Lentakis Memorial Fund Award was established by the Anglo-Hellenic League in memory of the late Mrs Katie Lentakis, and was first awarded in 2002. Katie Lentakis (1920-2000) was a devoted member of the Anglo-Greek community of London for many years and Vice-Chair of the Anglo-Hellenic League, who loved music and art –Continue reading “The Katie Lentakis Memorial Fund Award 2022”

Announcement: Niki Marangou Translation Prize 2022

Call for Submissions: The 2022 Niki Marangou Translation Prize The Niki Marangou Prize was first established in 2016 to honour the memory of the inspirational Cypriot poet, novelist and painter Niki Marangou, who died in 2013. From 2019 onwards, the prize has been awarded annually for a literary translation from Modern Greek into English ofContinue reading “Announcement: Niki Marangou Translation Prize 2022”

Rumble Fund Lecture Examines Greek Portrayal in 50s and 60s Pop-culture

The 2022 Rumble Fund Lecture in Classical Art was delivered by Professor Dimitris Plantzos from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with the title Acropolis Adieu: Popular Images of Greece in the 1950s and ’60s. The Centre for Hellenic Studies at King’s and Department of Classics is delighted to share a recording of theContinue reading “Rumble Fund Lecture Examines Greek Portrayal in 50s and 60s Pop-culture”

Mariupol and King’s College London

By Professor Charlotte Roueché, Professor Emerita, CHS Greek communities have flourished on the northern shore of the Black Sea for more than two millennia. King’s academics have been actively involved in studying and publishing the history of the ancient and medieval settlements: see the Ancient Inscriptions of the Northern Black Sea project. In the laterContinue reading “Mariupol and King’s College London”

The Greeks – A Global History

Prof. Roderick Beaton (KCL) discusses his latest book with Prof. John Bennet (Director, BSA), Prof. Paul Cartledge (University of Cambridge), Bruce Clark (Author, Journalist and Lecturer), and Prof. Peter Frankopan (University of Oxford), hosted by the British School at Athens. Prof. Roderick Beaton, Emeritus Koraes Professor of Modern Greek and Byzantine History, Language and LiteratureContinue reading “The Greeks – A Global History”

Roderick Beaton Wins the Runciman Award 2021 with ‘Greece: Biography of a Modern Nation’

The winner of the Anglo-Hellenic League Runciman Award 2021 is Roderick Beaton for Greece: Biography of a Modern Nation (London: Allen Lane 2019). In winning the Runciman Award for a fourth time, Prof. Beaton has set a new record of achievement. Announcing the result of this year’s competition, Prof. Peter Frankopan, the chair of judges, said: ‘We were luckyContinue reading “Roderick Beaton Wins the Runciman Award 2021 with ‘Greece: Biography of a Modern Nation’”

PART 2: The BBC Greek Service at Bush House

Watch our second interview session on the topic of the BBC Greek Service, which was situated in Bush House on the Strand from 1939 through 2005. This interview, too, is hosted by Koraes Professor Gonda Van Steen, in conversation with Dr Fiona Antonelaki, Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University’s Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies, who focuses onContinue reading “PART 2: The BBC Greek Service at Bush House”

INTERVIEW: Prof Dimitris Papanikolaou on the BBC Greek Service at Bush House

Watch an interview with Professor Dimitris Papanikolaou (Oxford) on the topic of the BBC Greek Service (1939-2005), which was situated in Bush House on the Strand. A second interview, again hosted by Koraes Professor Gonda Van Steen, will feature the work of a research team that will be delving into the archives of the BBC Greek Service.

International History Now: The Greek Revolution

Contributed by Dr George Giannakopoulos, Visiting Fellow, Centre for Hellenic Studies, King’s College London. George is also the author of this essay published in Jacobin Magazine on 25 March 2021. Take a look at this recent episode in the podcast series ‘International History Now’, which I produce with my LSE-based colleague Dr. Dina Gusejnova. InContinue reading “International History Now: The Greek Revolution”