PART 2: The BBC Greek Service at Bush House

Watch our second interview session on the topic of the BBC Greek Service, which was situated in Bush House on the Strand from 1939 through 2005. This interview, too, is hosted by Koraes Professor Gonda Van Steen, in conversation with Dr Fiona Antonelaki, Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University’s Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies, who focuses on the modernist literary cultures of the BBC Greek Service. Next, Dr Foteini Dimirouli (University of Oxford), an expert on Anglo-Greek cultural and literary relations, approaches the productions of the BBC Greek Service from that scholarly perspective. Lastly, Dr Anna-Maria Sichani, who devoted her doctoral work to literary productions of the BBC Greek Service, introduces us to Greek modernists at the BCC. She is currently a research fellow on the AHRC-funded project ‘Connected Histories of the BBC’ (U of Sussex). All three speakers take turns to delve deeply into the archives and the stunning photographic materials related to the Greek Service. Enjoy!

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